How Does It Work?

  • Fill In Your Details

    Fill in the form below with your name, email address and details on how you'd like to be paid (PayPal email or bank details). We'll then give you a unique code.

  • Share Your Code

    Share this code with a friend via text, email, in a WhatsApp message or anywhere! You can even post it to your social media pages.

  • Get Paid

    Whenever someone applies to Virtual Piano Academy with your code (and becomes a paying student) we'll give you AUD$99.00!


Click 'start' and use the arrows (or finger swipe upwards on a mobile device) to preview all application form questions.

If you're having issues viewing this on your device, you can view (and apply) using a full-screen version of this form here.

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Printable Referral Flyers

Know someone at your child's school who might be interested in lessons? Know someone at work? At your social club?

We've created downloadable and printable referral flyers, to make it easy for you to share your code with your friends.

1. Simply click on the links below to download your preferred size. 

2. Print. 

3. Write your referral code in the blank.

4. Hand out to your friends.

1. Virtual Piano Academy - Flyers.pdf

2. Virtual Piano Academy - Cards.pdf


  • Do I get $99 just for sending someone my referral code?

    No. Someone has to use your code in their application form (there is a section to enter your referral code when they apply). If that person becomes a paying student, only then will you receive your AUD$99 referral payment.

  • Do I still get my referral payment if the student quits?

    Once someone signs up for their first month at Virtual Piano Academy, you receive your $99 referral fee. So even if they quit piano after one month, you still get your referral fee.

  • How do I keep track of who has become a student with my referral code?

    When someone applies to Virtual Piano Academy and uses your code in the referral section of their application form, we link it to you in our system. If that person becomes a paying student, we will pay you your referral fee once we receive payment for that student's first month. We will email you to let you know once your payment has been made, and send you a receipt. Payment will likely land in your account within a few days of us paying it, but times will vary depending on which bank you're with; if payment is made around holiday seasons etc).

  • Can I contact Virtual Piano Academy to check up on how many people have auditioned using my code?

    Please don’t contact us to check up on how many people have auditioned using your code. We will contact you each time someone successfully becomes a student with your referral code.

  • Where can I post my referral code?

    Everywhere and anywhere! You can send it to a specific person in a text, an email, in a Facebook message, or a WhatsApp message etc. Or you could post it generally to your social media channels. Remember, just because you post it, doesn't mean someone will use it. You will get the best results with people you know, and who you can follow up with. Don't forget to include a link to our website in your message or post, so they know where to go! And when posting on social media, please tag us (use @virtualpianoacademy) in your post, so we can see it too!

  • What if I no longer want to be part of the Virtual Piano Academy referral program

    Simply contact us via the contact page on this website and let us know you'd like to be removed from the program. Make sure you include the same name and email you used when signing up for the program.

  • What should I say when sending a message with my code

    We recommend saying something along these lines: "ONLINE PIANO LESSONS DONE DIFFERENTLY. My friend Amy has started an amazing online piano school! If you're looking for the convenience of online piano lessons but with the same personalised and tailored approach you get from in-person lessons, then this is definitely for you! Amy has built an innovative online teaching platform. There’s no glitchy Zoom or Skype calls. No static courses you work through on your own. No having to reschedule due to lesson time clashes. This is a whole new way of learning that brings quality, private piano lessons into the 21st Century! You can book a free trial to give Virtual Piano Academy a spin to see if it's the right fit for there's no reason not to give it a go! Enter the code VPA2020YOURNAME when booking your free trial lesson, so they know I referred you :)". Don't forget to include a link to our website in your message, so they know where to go!

  • Can I refer other people to the referral program?

    You sure can! But we don't pay you for recommending people to join the referral program. However, if you have a friend who would like to be part of our referral program, simply send them a link to this page!

  • When do I get paid?

    Unlike some referral programs who only pay you after 10 referrals, we make payment to you after each successful referral. We will send you an email with a payment receipt after we've deposited your referral fee. Expect to see $ in your account within a few days (although times will vary depending on which bank you're with; if payment is made around holiday seasons or if you're from outside Australia etc).

  • Do I get $99 for EVERY person I refer, or just as a one-off payment?

    Whenever someone applies to Virtual Piano Academy with your code, and successfully passes their audition and becomes a paying student, we'll give you AUD$99.00! Not just once, but for EVERY student you refer (and who becomes a paying student). So keep sharing and telling your friends about us. The more you share, the more chance someone will join!

  • Can I get kicked out of the program?

    If you harass Virtual Piano Academy, regularly contact us about the status of how many people used your code, become a nuisance, become demanding, make threats, or abuse this program, you will immediately be removed from the referral program and forfeit any upcoming referral payments.

  • What should I do if someone tells me to stop sending them my referral code?

    Stop! As much as we'd love to have that person sign up, we respect that some people may not want to receive frequent messages about joining up with your code. Please stop sending messages to this person if that is the case.

  • How do I get paid?

    If you live in Australia (or have an Australian bank account) you have the option of being paid via a bank transfer to your nominated bank account. If you do not have an Australian bank account, you will need a PayPal account in order for us to be able to transfer your referral fee. This option is also available for Australians too (if you prefer using PayPal).

  • What currency am I paid in?

    All international payments are converted from Australian dollars to your local currency at the conversion rate on the day of the transfer. This will obviously affect the amount you receive in your local currency and will mean that the payment you receive for each referral is likely to vary according to exchange rate fluctuations. All international payments also incur a currency conversion fee, which is deducted from your payment. This varies from currency to currency, but on average is about AUD$4.95. All payments you receive are final and non-negotiable. If you have an Australian bank account, you will be paid in (and receive payment) in Australian dollars.

  • What happens if I change my bank account or PayPal email?

    Let us know as soon as possible! If a payment is made to you and you do not receive it because you have neglected to inform Virtual Piano Academy of a change to your bank or PayPal details, you forfeit that payment.

  • Can I refer someone that Virtual Piano Academy might already know?

    You cannot receive your $99 referral fee for referring someone to us who we already know. This might be someone who has already auditioned (but not been successful), someone who is on our mailing list or someone who is active on our social media.

  • Can I save my application and come back to it?

    For security reasons, we require you complete and submit your Referral Program form in one sitting. You can, however, scroll through the form and prepare your material beforehand, so when you go to fill out the form, you have everything you need to complete it in one go.

  • Can I join the Referral Program even if I'm not a Virtual Piano Academy student?


  • Can I get my referral payment if I've shared Virtual Piano Academy with someone but haven't signed up for the referral program?

    No. We need you to join the referral program so we can match you to the person you have referred. We can't give you a referral payment if you haven't joined the referral program. You can join by filling in the form on this page. It only takes 2 minutes!