• World-Class Teachers

    Learn from world-class, award-winning pianists from around the globe. Receive personalised feedback once a week (just like a traditional piano lesson) and if you get stuck on something mid-week, send your teacher a message and have your question answered asap.

  • Real Progress

    It's our mission to provide the highest quality lessons, coupled with an active-learning approach, where we immerse you in the world of music and ensure you have a deep and well-rounded musical education. With a solid foundation, you'll progress exponentially, becoming an expressive and confident pianist.

  • 100% Online

    No more driving to piano lessons early on a Saturday morning. No more frustrating glitchy Zoom/Skype lessons. No more trying to rearrange your lesson times when there's a clash. No more wasting time not knowing what to do in-between lessons. No more boring or uninspiring homework.

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How Does Virtual Piano Academy Work?

Amy Jørgensen (previously Bastow) is an award-winning Australian film music composer and pianist. She has written music for a number of successful TV shows with all the major Australian networks (Channel Seven, Ten, ABC, SBS and Nine) including Bluey, Home + Away and Winners + Losers. Amy has worked internationally on a number of projects, and has even worked with Hollywood film maker James Cameron (Dir. Titanic, Avatar), for which she was nominated for an Australian Academy Award (AACTA).

Amy is also a dedicated and experienced music educator, having taught at some of Australia's most prestigious universities and schools including The University of Sydney, Monash University, St Andrew's Cathedral School and Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

Amy has a First Class Honours Degree in music from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music; has studied music composition in New York City at New York University); Orchestration at Berklee College of Music and holds an Associate Diploma of Piano (AmusA) from the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB).

Amy’s unique style and warm personality make her a highly sought-after and much-loved teacher. Growing up in a small rural town with limited access to music resources and having to fight hard to pursue her musical aspirations, Amy is determined to pass on her knowledge, skills and industry experience to other aspiring musicians. 

We recently sent out a survey to all our students to get their feedback on their experience of being a student with us. We made the survey anonymous so they could be as brutally honest with their feedback as they liked.

Here are some of their responses...

  • Quality Lessons

    We aim to provide the same rigorous training and quality of education that you would expect of in-person lessons, with access to world-class musicians from across the globe, 100% online.

  • Customised Lessons

    We're not a dusty, static course, or a gimmicky App. We're qualified teachers, who tailor lessons specifically to help you achieve your personal music goals.

  • Get Creative

    Composition, improvisation, theory games, ear training. We've built all of this into your lessons (if you want it) so you're armed with all the tools necessary to become a pro!

  • Online Interactive Community Events

    Monthly Q+A's, Student of the Month awards, internal Academy forum (known as The Academy HIVE); monthly challenges; goal diaries; piano parades; "Topic of the Month" games and learning resources; success stories etc.

  • Track Your Progress

    Receive points when you complete your homework. Push yourself towards your goals. Monthly Progress Reports. Log your practice and see Academy-wide practice statistics.

  • Flexible Lesson Days

    No more trying to find an available lesson day/time that works for both you and your teacher. And you'll never have to waste time rescheduling lessons due to a clash.

Precise, Personalised Video Feedback

Receive personalised video feedback on your weekly video uploads (known as your Weekly Showcase), so you know exactly which spots need improving and what to work on.


Digital Sheet Music With Annotations, Notes, Practice Guides + Video Walkthroughs

Receive annotated digital sheet music with notes, tips, and practice videos. We call these our TutorialScores.

*Available for music in our Sheet Music Library*

Active Learning Games

We have an active-learning policy at Virtual Piano Academy. We believe the most effective way of learning something is to roll up your sleeves and DO! Games, quizzes, videos and diagrams allow you to immerse yourself in learning a concept in a variety of fun and engaging ways. 

You can preview one of our beginner piano games right now, for free. Click here.

We place all our social learning activities and events in our Calendar. You can check out all our upcoming events here.

Social Community

We believe that learning piano online should be just as social (if not more!) than in-person. Collect points when you practice and go in the running to be crowned Student of the Month. Push yourself with a monthly challenge. Supplement your weekly video lessons by interacting in our social community (called The Academy HIVE) or by participating in our Piano Parades, Q&A sessions or Topic of the Month activities. All our social events and learning activities are updated in our live Calendar of Events, so you never miss a beat.

What else do you get for your fees? Read this article for more information on everything you get (and don't get) for your monthly fees. We recommend browsing our Help Centre, which should answer some of the questions you might have about how you will learn with us :)

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Why Play Piano?

Who Can Learn With Us?

  • We teach children ages 5+. Parents of children under 13 agree to supervise/assist during their child's practice sessions. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent complete the application process (and agree to our Terms and Conditions) on their behalf

  • We definitely teach adults too! In fact, Amy currently teaches a beginner student who is 67...so don't be shy!

  • Must be able to speak and understand English

  • We're based in Melbourne (Australia), but you can learn from any location, as long as you have access to an internet connected device that you/your child can use in practice sessions

  • Must have a piano or keyboard to learn on

  • Any level or style

  • Complete beginners are welcome :)

Know someone who you think might like to learn piano? 

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The Current Problems with Traditional "In-Person" Piano Lessons

For the last fifty years or so, students, parents and teachers have faced the same old struggles when it comes to piano lessons. We've listed some of these below.

When you learn at Virtual Piano Academy you can forget these headaches!

  • 1. Sacrificing Quality for Convenience

    Because no one wants to travel miles for weekly piano lessons, this has generally restricted students to learning from whichever piano teacher happens to live in their neighbourhood. Sadly, this means convenience often trumps quality!

  • 2. Peak Hour Jams Getting to Lessons

    Parents squabble over the coveted 4pm “after-school” slot. Unfortunately, there’s only one of these each day, so this golden time-slot usually goes to whoever has been learning with that teacher the longest. For everyone else, this usually means awkwardly travelling to piano lessons between 5-7pm, just as peak hour traffic takes hold, meaning a 30-minute lesson is a 3 hour-round trip!

  • 3. Arriving Late/Cutting Lesson Time

    Because you're driving in peak-hour, you get stuck in traffic on the way, and turn up 10 minutes late for your 6:00pm lesson. Your teacher has someone else waiting at 6:30, so you only get 20 minutes. You’ve also forgotten your music, and because it’s a piece you downloaded online, your teacher doesn’t have a copy. You spend the whole lesson doing scales...and you're hungry because your lesson is right at dinner time!

  • 4. Confusion About What to Practice

    Your teacher is in a hurry (because all her/his students have been running late all afternoon), so you get some scribbled notes that you’re supposed to decipher and use to help you practice between now and the next lesson. You've got no idea what to work on!

  • 5. Lesson Clashes Without Refunds

    The day before your next lesson, your tooth starts aching and the only time you can get in to see a dentist is right at your piano lesson time. You have to miss your lesson, your piano teacher still charges you (fair enough for such late notice), and now you’re stuck practicing the same stuff again.

  • 6. You Never Play Your Best in Lessons

    When you do get to your lesson on time, with your music, you never play as well as you did in your practice at home. You feel disappointed. Your teacher gives you feedback on things you know you can actually do! But you then run out of time to ask questions about things you DO actually need help with.

  • 7. No Lessons During Term-Breaks

    It’s school holidays and you’ve finally got some time to actually practice…but your teacher doesn’t run lessons during the term-break. You’ve got endless hours a day to practice, but no instruction, no material to work on and no lessons. You practice a few things the way you think you should. First lesson back next school term, and your teacher tells you you’ve been learning everything over the holidays wrong!

  • 8. Awkward Hours For Teachers

    For your poor teacher, they have to try and squeeze their entire working week into the most awkward of times to accommodate students (3pm-9pm after school during the week, and Saturday mornings). Yuck! There are only a certain number of hours in those slots, so they hit an income ceiling pretty quickly, which is why they get grumpy when you miss a lesson and don't pay for it. They also skip dinner a lot, and sacrifice time with their own children after school hours.

  • 9. Teacher Admin Time

    Your poor teacher is often inundated with lots of student/parent questions in their "free time", answering the same things over and over again. And parents often try and call after school/work hours, right at the teachers’ busiest time of the day! Of course the teacher can’t answer, because it would be inappropriate to chat to someone about their child during another child’s lesson!

Nice Things People Have Said


Amy helped me get back into playing piano after a 20 year hiatus. After only a year of guidance I have just sit my 5th grade AMEB exam and passed with flying colours! Amy even gave me great guidance helping me to compose one of my extra list pieces. Amy has helped me particularly with my expression and overall musicality. I used to be a very rigid player but Amy has helped me so much with my posture, muscle movement and tone. I would recommend Amy to any player who is looking to improve their technique and take their playing to the next level!


I learned more in my first lesson with Amy than I did over a whole term with my previous teacher. Amy has this amazing ability to take a complex musical concept I'm learning, break it down and explain it in a way that just makes sense. I get so much more out of each lesson!


We appreciate all your hard work, enthusiasm and positive attitude in teaching our son the piano. He enjoys his music lessons with you and we know he has great respect and affection for you as a teacher.


Amy continually demonstrated her deep commitment to our son’s musical education. She had a great rapport with him and successfully brought him through a number of AMEB exams. We were always touched by Amy’s passion for music and personal attention to our son’s progress.


Thank you for being such an inspiration to my children throughout the year. You are very gifted.

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