What is Virtual Piano Academy?

  • A Music School

    Think of us like a regular piano school, where you have weekly lessons with your teacher, learn at your own pace, receive personalised feedback/guidance/tuition and learn the things you want. The only difference is that we're 100% online. Did you know that according to research conducted at Babson College, online education is considered as good (or superior) to face-to-face education!

  • Tailored Tuition

    We haven't created a generic, static course that you have to work through on your own...and we're not a gimmicky App that flashes with stars when you play a correct note. We're real teachers providing you with real tuition, tailored to your goals. Do exams. Or just learn for fun. Learn your favourite pieces or try your hand at composition. Lessons are completely tailored to you!

  • Our Focus is You!

    You'll learn from world-class industry leaders, spear-headed by Amy Jørgensen, an award-winning composer + pianist with nearly 20 years' music education experience. When you learn from us, you're not just another number. You're a valued part of our vibrant music school! We put our heart + soul into helping you become the best piano player you can be 🖤

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How Does Virtual Piano Academy Work?

Our Story

Virtual Piano Academy actually came about by accident, during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Amy had just started a new job in January 2020, but was laid off 3 months later due to COVID-19. She was still teaching a few piano students privately at this time, and like every other piano teacher during COVID-19, she started teaching her students via Zoom.

But it didn't take long to realise that this wasn't a viable ongoing solution for piano lessons. A student played a scale, and Amy commented on how wobbly the students' rhythm was. Amy realised it wasn't the students' poor performance at all...it was the internet connection cutting in and out. They wasted 5 minutes of the 30-minute lesson on trying to perfect a scale that the student could already play perfectly. What a waste of time!

With students and parents working and studying from home, Amy's students’ schedules changed, meaning they often couldn’t do their previous lesson time/day. This meant an entire overhaul of Amy's teaching schedule, trying to fit everyone in…..which just didn’t work. A normal 4pm Tuesday lesson time no longer worked for Amy's student Ruby, because her dad now had work meetings using Zoom at this time, but Amy didn't have any more free spots available. It was a big mess. 

But this was the moment Virtual Piano Academy was born! Amy thought, what if students could submit a video of all their homework and get feedback on it? Uploading a video is a much more reliable (and flexible) option to Zoom (or in-person) lessons. It means you don't have to be at a specific location, on a specific day and a specific time for your weekly piano lesson. It gives both the student and teacher so much more flexibility. It saves time. There are no lesson clashes. No peak-hour traffic to contend with. No fighting over that 4pm slot. No confusion about what to practice (as it’s all laid out clearly in the student’s lesson portal, along with feedback videos they can watch over and over). 

The idea seemed so simple! Amy spent the next 3 months during the COVID-19 lockdown, building the platform (and learning a whole bunch of tech stuff she never knew before!). The idea (and platform) grew organically (almost as if by itself) into this new and exciting online piano school. 

Being a completely digital piano school has a lot of perks. Not only do you receive a weekly video lesson (known as a Weekly Showcase), you learn through interactive digital games; you receive demonstration videos that you can watch over and over to help your practice; we step you through exactly what you need to do for your practice each week; you receive additional feedback from other students via our Piano Parades; you can do exams; music theory is integrated into your practical lessons; you have access to our digital sheet music library...and heaps more. And all of this is included in your lesson fee! And you don't have to battle traffic to get to your weekly lesson at a specific (and awkward) time!

If you’d like to find out more about how you learn at Virtual Piano Academy, check out our Help Centre. If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch or book a free trial lesson.

You can also find out what it's like to be a part of Virtual Piano Academy first-hand, from our current students. Check out what they think of their experience at Virtual Piano Academy below 👇

Paul Ferguson

Amy is such a peronable tutor, and being online accomodates my busy schedule so that I'm able to dip into a bit of practice when it suits me, as well as re-watch feedback videos to recall certain points. The style of learning is very much geared to your individual preferences and the material used is definitley interesting and engaging. Considering that I've not previously played an instrument, I'm suprised by how much progress I've managed to achieve in such a short space of time, which I feel is down to the flexible nature of VPA as well as the encouraging and supportive environment that VPA provides. Throughout life, learning piano has always felt like a bit of a fantasy, but now it's actually happening and I couldn't be more grateful.

Dan Savidge

I have found Virtual Piano Academy to be an incredible experience. From the initial consultation, Amy got exactly where I was with my piano playing, and the first lesson was pitched perfectly. Amy's teaching manner is warm and enthusiastic, and her feedback is constructive and encouraging. The fact that we are on opposite sides of the globe hasn't mattered at all. The exchange of practice videos is incredibly easy to do, and works so well. I cannot recommend VPA highly enough.

Easy E

I feel very privileged to learn through the Virtual Piano Academy. It has been an amazing experience so far. Lessons have been targeted to my specific experience and interest. The format of lesson delivery is excellent and suits a busy schedule. Highly recommend.

Srikanth Srinivasan

I have been taking piano lessons with Amy for over a month now and I have been thoroughly enjoying the experience! I was a little skeptical about the recorded video approach vs live lessons but after trying it for a month, I am finding it more valuable than live lessons. The portal is slick, easy to use and well organized, and Amy provides detailed feedback on the weekly submissions. I had taken lessons as a kid so I am not a beginner per se but I must say I have learned much more in just a month with Amy than I had learned growing up. Highly recommended and don't hesitate to give it a go!

Mark Brown II

It has been absolutely lovely!! My lesson plans are specific to my goals and technical abilities. I am able to choose songs that I want to learn and she is clear about what I should be learning during my weekly lessons. I feel super supported and the lines of communication are open which allows for lessons, and expectations, to be reasonable and flexible (since I am an adult student with a full-time job). She has made my return to piano playing such a pleasant process!

Beth Haywood

I’m only three weeks into my lessons with Amy at The Virtual Piano Academy and as a complete beginner, I am shocked at how much I have already learnt! The online program is designed so well and covers every little detail along the way, so I feel completely supported as a student, even though I am doing it on my own from my home. Amy is very supportive and really listened to my goals for piano and has tailored the lessons to my needs. I really enjoy the format of being able to work on the new material throughout the week at my own pace, revising things and rewatching the lesson videos as I need. At the end of the week it’s so nice to receive feedback from Amy on how I am going, what I’m doing well and what I can do to improve on things I may be struggling with. I’m very grateful that I came across Amy and her Virtual Piano Academy.

Ellie R

I absolutely LOVE Virtual Piano Academy. Not only is Amy an amazing piano teacher, but despite being completely virtual, she finds a way to genuinely connect with her clients in a way that allows them to feel recognized and valued. Amy has done a wonderful job at creating a virtual experience for any level of piano player.

Adam B

I'd never go back to in-person lessons after my experience at Virtual Piano Academy. Our video-transfer lessons are just so much more efficient, convenient, a lot more detailed than an in-person lesson...and I'm learning faster (oh, and it's more fun!)

Victor S

I find my lessons with VPA better than in real life, because I can do it within my own schedule. The material available to me on the portal is comprehensive and Amy is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and communicative so I don’t feel as though I’m lacking the face to face (in-person) contact.

Henry M

You’re able to watch your feedback video and reflect on it more than a live session (where there would be pressure to fit everything into a set time).

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Amy Jørgensen - Our Founder + Head Teacher

  • Qualifications

    Amy studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, earning a First Class Honours degree in music. Amy has also studied Film Music at New York University; received her Associate Diploma of Piano Performance (AmusA) from the Australian Music Examinations Board and an MBA from Quantic School of Business & Technology (Washington DC).

  • Awards

    Amy is an Australian Academy Award (AACTA) nominated composer. At age 15, Amy won the Roger Woodward Playoff Competition for a performance of an original piano composition. When Amy was 18, she received 8 music scholarships to attend the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. In 2014, Amy was Awarded the Jimmy van Heusen Award for "Best Score" at the NYU/ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop in New York City.

  • Teachers

    Amy has studied with some of the most distinguished composers, conductors and performers in Australia, the US and the UK, including film composer Mark Snow (best known for composing the music to "The X-Files"); film composer Sean Callery ("Homeland, "24" + "Elementary"); Matthew Hindson, Mary Finsterer and Anne Boyd (classical composition), Henryk Pisarek (conducting) and Daniel Herscovitch (piano).

Amy's Experience

  • Time Spent Teaching

    20 years' piano teaching experience, both in-person and online, teaching students as young as 5, right through to age 67! Although Amy enjoys teaching kids, Virtual Piano Academy is designed with adult learners in mind.

  • Institutions taught

    Taught privately, in primary and secondary schools, in universities and at workshops and industry events including: Monash University; The University of Sydney; Penleigh & Essendon Grammar School and St Andrew's Cathedral School.

  • Composition

    Did you know that Amy is also an award-winning film and TV composer, and has written music for lots of well-known shows including Bluey; Home + Away; TV drama series Winners + Losers and a slew of other films, games and TV shows for National Geographic, Netflix, 21st Century FOX, Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel.

Amy's Story

Not only is Amy an award-winning film music composer and pianist, she is also a creative, innovative and experienced music educator, tutor and teacher. Amy’s unique style and warm personality make her a highly sought-after and much-loved teacher. Growing up in a small rural town with limited access to music resources and having to fight hard to pursue her musical aspirations, Amy is determined to pass on her knowledge, skills and industry experience to other aspiring musicians. Read more about Amy's story on her personal website.


Learning the piano (not to mention, finding the right teacher) can feel overwhelming. Before settling on us, we'd love to meet you, show you how you will learn at Virtual Piano Academy and give you a chance to test us out to see if we're the right fit for you. 

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